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SFR Guitar Parts

Through my network of contacts worldwide, I am able to offer a large number of parts, primarily for electric guitars and bass guitars. I am also willing to consider any special wishes you may have, and will make every effort to fulfill them. From bodies, necks, hardware, pickups, plastic parts to small parts and tools…there is a lot available. Have fun browsing!

SFR Custom Guitars

Simply for fun and enjoyment I occasionally assemble guitars and offer absolutely unique, one-of-a kind instruments – from affordable beginner guitars to replicas of premium custom made pieces. With professional partners in all areas of guitar making, I look forward to taking on special projects that require special solutions.

About myself

Guitars and the inherent magic they possess, have accompanied me since I was 10 years old. From the beginning, above all, was the fascination of the audience as the guitarist took to the stage, so carefree and lighthearted. I was completely captivated. In the course of time, I came to realize how unique the guitar is; an instrument which enjoys a life of its own. Through its use it can be made more optimal, be it through the perfecting of one’s ability to play, or also through the optimization of each single component for one’s own individual needs.

My omnipresent curiosity, which inspired me to do a lot of practical work and research, has led me halfway around the world to establish intensive contacts with guitar makers and manufacturers. As a result, it has enabled me to gather profound knowledge in the art of guitar building. The guitar as a simple hobby, has turned into a passion – free from the pressure of any business – a fact that sets me above the others!

Even with a modest investment can one’s dream to own a custom made instrument come true. There are no limits.

Please check out my homepage. I invite all of you to share my passion for the “divas” of musical instruments.